ASW Smokin’ News – Jan. 13th, 2016!



Cigars! Homemade egg nog! Tasty food! And more cigars!This Saturday we’re hosting the traditional Herf & Nog, that festive annual event hosted by Rob Heming, host of the Blowin’ Smoke Podcast. We supply the cigars (and you can bet there will be some fantastic specials); you bring some food, drinks, or HOMEMADE EGG NOG, and the stage is set for a great time!

It’s an all-day event, and it’s in THREE DAYS: Saturday, January 16th, to be precise, so get your nog on and get yourself down to ASW!

*NOTE: The Herf is a pot luck, and is not sponsored by any manufacturer…so the more people are willing to contribute, the more there is to go around!

A recent arrival and a new addition to theASW bulk blending bar is Samuel Gawith’s Skiff Mixture. Skiff is billed as a full-flavored Oriental/English mixture made up of fine Virginias, Orientals, Turkish and Cyprian Latakia, and I’ll add that whoever is sourcing the leaf is doing a superior job.

Over the years I’ve smoked several tins of Skiff and many of the other offerings from the Gawith blending house and consider them the benchmark of English pipe tobacco blends. The jar or tin note offers up a bright essence, with the Oriental varietals taking center stage; the Latakia is present but remains somewhat muted, lurking in the background.

The blend is presented in a nice ribbon cut which provides the pipe-smoker with an easy pack that takes the match readily. Some sweet, sugary notes move forward at first light and then step aside, allowing the Orientals to sing.

The slight percentage of Latakia in this blend adds balance and a subtle creaminess throughout the bowl while never becoming overly earthy or leathery, which is a nice change of pace given the amount of blends out there that are absolute Lat bombs.

I’ve not smoked Skiff in some time, and it’s a refreshing change of pace that I’m thinking might be a good recommendation to those pipe-smokers looking to break out of their aromatic routine (and we get quite a few people asking for just that). With just the proper amount of Latakia in the mix, it will allow you to form an honest opinion of whether that famous condiment leaf is for you or not.

I smoked my sample of Samuel Gawith’s Skiff in a Jørn sandblasted egg and enjoyed every sip. 5 of 5 pipes this week. Puff On!

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