ASW Smokin’ News – Mar. 16th, 2016!


If you haven’t heard about it by now, you’re not reading your ASW e-mail. Join usTOMORROW for our SMOKIN’ ST. PADDY’S DAY SHINDIG, with our good friend ERIK ESPINOSA in attendance! Enjoy some astounding deals on all your favorite Espinosa cigars including 601La BombaLaranjaLa ZonaEspinosa EspecialAlibi (an Espinosa Lounge exclusive!), and especially the new-and-improved Murcielago! It’ll be a blast, and there’s plenty of good stuff to go around. From 3:00 to 8:00 this Thursday (the 17th, like it says up above). Get here early and beat the rush!

A rare treat:

601 Habano Oscuro!

As an extra special addition to our Espinosa lineup, we’ve added a hard-to-find classic to our shelf: the 601 Habano Oscuro, the most powerful member of the 601 family of cigars. A Nicaraguan puro with a super-dark, oily wrapper of Nicaraguan habano oscuro, this is one fantastic smoke. Its flavor starts out with a blast of pepper (a distinctive characteristic of cigars blended by the legendary Don Pepin Garcia, who assisted in the creation of the 601 series), then settles down to a rich, leathery/earthy foundation enhanced by a subtle, delicious fruity sweetness, with chocolate and nutty notes emerging unexpectedly. It truly gets better and better as you smoke it, and tomorrow’s Espinosa event is a fine time to try one if you haven’t yet had the pleasure.

Also just arrived…

Newly arrived pipe tobaccos!

We’ve always taken pride in expanding our assortment of bulk and tinned tobaccos, and this week we’ve added some great blends to our selection. We now stock a few more products by Lane Limited, including Ready Rubbed (see Jeff’s review below) and Medal of Valor, as well as some old favorites byOgden’s of Liverpool (re-released under the auspices of Mac Baren): Gold Block and St. Bruno’s (both in flake and ready rubbed form). we’ve also replenished our stock of Stokkebye Luxury Flakes like Bulls Eye, Twist, andNavy. Plenty of good stuff to stuff in your pipe, so come in and try some right away!

This week I’m reviewing one of our most recent arrivals: Lane Limited Ready Rubbed.

Some of you may have fond memories of the now-discontinued Edgeworth Ready Rubbed and Edgeworth Slices. Though Lane was unable to restore the original name, they were (fortunately) able to retain the original recipe.

The pouch note is a delightful mix of super-sweet cocoa and pure tobacco, almost cigarette-like in aroma. The cut of the tobacco closely resembles a cube-cut (which was the norm in popular over-the-counter blends of the 1940s and 50s); though slightly coarser, it can be handled like any cube-cut mixture.

Now for the good stuff: I loaded my pipe full of this Burley blend by simply dipping it into the pouch and gravity-filling it. A light touch with my pointer finger ever so slightly tamped and packed the bowl. Ignition was effortless, and the sweet molasses topping quickly washed over my taste buds followed by the unmistakable cocoa flavor so prominent in the pouch note.

What surprised me most was how clean the finish is on this tobacco, and how no dottle* was present when I finally reached the heel.

This is (and always was) a blend made for all day, every day smoking. It’s somewhat mild (though it will bite if you push it), quite refreshing and simple to enjoy. I can see this as a blend to bring along while fishing, camping, or just reading a good book.

Five pipes to Lane Ready Rubbed – and as you may have read, we have plenty of it in bulk form, so come on in and try some! And don’t forget to Puff On!

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