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The Alec Bradley brand was created in 1996 by Alan Rubin, a Florida hardware dealer who had long dreamed of starting a cigar company. After several initial missteps, Rubin met Ralph Montero, a man with cigar industry experience who helped redirect Rubin’s efforts into two new cigar lines, Occidental Reserve and Trilogy (a triangular box-pressed cigar, an unusual but novel innovation). These new releases proved popular enough to enable the struggling company to gain a toehold in the industry. Alec Bradley now produces many lines of fine cigars incorporating tobaccos from a variety of countries including Honduras, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.

Alec Bradley cigars at Allegheny Smokeworks:

  • Alec Bradley Connecticut
  • American Classic Blend
  • American Classic Sun Grown
  • Black Market
  • Coyol
  • Family Blend
  • Maxx
  • Mundial
  • Nica Puro
  • Prensado
  • Raices Cubanas

Note: Our inventory changes often. Not all lines may be available at all times. Please call to confirm availability.