ASW Smokin’ News – Feb. 24th, 2016!


ST. PATRICK’S DAY SHINDIG with Erik Espinosa!

On Thursday, March 17th, from 3:00 to 8:00 PM, we’re hosting a St. Paddy’s Day Hangout with our pal Erik Espinosa! La Zona, Laranja, 601, Murcielago,Alibi – you name it, we’ll have plenty of them all, and the savings will be stupendous! Bring your shillelagh and be prepared to party! (Corned beef and cabbage, anyone?)


All PUNCH Cigars are $1.00 off!

No joke! All Punch cigars are on sale until March 31st! Every cigar, every size,$1 off! Get ’em while you can and stock up!


The Griffin’s Nicaragua!

A surprising new release by Davidoff is this remarkable entry in their venerable Griffin’s line: The Griffin’s Nicaragua – released in Europe last fall to rave reviews – is a fantastic combination of components (and despite the moniker, this cigar isnot a puro). A filler blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican leaves, a binder of Dominican Piloto Cubano, and a wrapper of delicious Nicaraguan Habano make this an incredibly flavorful cigar that easily rivals its forerunners.We stock two sizes: Short Torpedo (4″ x 52) and Robusto (5″ x 54), both worthy of your immediate attention. Try it right away…you’re going to fall in love with this one.


Big Payback Connecticut by Room 101!

Room 101‘s Big Payback was a big hit last year – an affordably-priced medium bodied cigar with a ton of flavor – and now it’s got some company on the shelf! Introducing the Big Payback Connecticut, a new, milder formulation featuring an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a Mexican binder, and select Dominican fillers guaranteed to make your mouth water. This is one mellow cigar: all the hay-like goodness you’d expect from good Connecticut leaf with overtones of caramel and cedar. Good stuff!We’ve got one size in stock: the 5″ x 50 Chavala (robusto). And it’s a fine, fine smoke. Get it? Got it? Good!

Now Hear This:

CORN COB PIPES are in the house!

Yes, nothing beats a good corn cob pipe for a quick bowl of tobacco, and we’ve just received a good supply of them from our friends at Missouri Meerschaum(an odd choice of name, but perhaps Missouri Corn Cob was already spoken for). Several sizes and shapes, all at wildly affordable prices! Read on and see what our man Jeff has to say about the virtues of the humble cob…

This week’s article is focused on the Corn Cob Pipe – specifically, pipes manufactured by Missouri Meerschaum of Washington, Missouri.

A quick look at their website will enlighten even the most casual of pipe smokers, and the company’s history is long and storied. It’s probably safe to say that almost every beginner to this hobby has at least considered buying a cob or two to supplement their pipe rotation…and it’s also probably safe to say that many of those same people decided against buying a cob due to negative feedback from Internet forums or other smokers. I hope to dispel many of the myths surrounding these inexpensive and delightful little smoking pipes.

First off, if you are going to buy a corn cob pipe, purchase only the ones made by Missouri Meerschaum. The maker’s mark is clearly stamped on the bowl’s base (or, in the better hardwood-plugged models, screened on). The Chinese knockoffs seen in discount tobacco stores are garbage. Steer clear of them.
Many detractors will say the pipe makes everything taste like corn. Here are the real facts: The first couple of bowls smoked in a cob pipe may impart a corny note, but after that it’s pure Tobacco Nirvana. The natural material actually offers a somewhat neutral platform in which to enjoy your tobacco. A briar pipe will almost certainly influence your perception of any given tobacco (usually in a good way), but a cob delivers a more honest rendition of a blend’s true taste.

Many smokers who take great pride in the aesthetic beauty of their highly collectible briar and Meerschaum pipes may harbor ill feelings toward a pipe made of a corn cob that typically costs less than $10. If that’s how you feel, O.K. Different strokes for different folks.

If you are looking to add a piece or two to your beginner pipe rotation, or like to smoke while working or recreating, a cob will fit the bill much more handily than a $30-$50 factory-made briar. For starters, if you break or lose your cob it won’t hurt nearly as much.

I personally enjoy smoking sweet Virginia tobacco or a Virginia/Perique blend in my cobs; the subtleties of those often mild tobaccos comes through in spades. Using the cob as a “tasting” pipe is another good reason to always have one around, as some stronger aromatic or English blends can impart a lasting flavor note into even a well-broken-in briar pipe. That flavor crossover is called “ghosting,” and those demons are often tough to exorcise so why not try that new tobacco in a cob and do so with no worries? There is next to zero “ghosting” in a dense cob, and even the most pervasive tobacco ghost will smoke right out with your next reload.

There’s a reason that Missouri Meerschaum has been around since the 1840’s. Their pipes smoke well, and – with a little basic care – will hold up to many, many years of smoking pleasure.

Here at ASW we are currently flush with some recently-arrived cobs, so come on in and check them out.

Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cobs earn a 5 pipe rating this week and, oh yeah…Puff On!

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